Meet KAATO at SLUSH 2016

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What makes

  • 15,000 tech enthusiasts from a hundred countries,
  • 2,000 startups,
  • 800 investors representing 250 VC funds and
    over 200 billion dollars in assets under management,
  • 200 CEOs of stock-listed companies
    and 100 M&A departments, and
  • 700 journalists from 350 publications

travel to Helsinki during the darkest time of the year?

The answer is SLUSH - the largest venturing event in Europe connecting startups and tech talent with top-tier international investors, executives, and media.

Slush offers a unique platform to connect with startups and explore emerging technology trends.

Attend our Exclusive Slush VIP Side Events to meet up with Tech Grown-ups in Finland.

  • Gain exclusive access to top executives and innovators of leading tech companies in Finland
  • Hear from international companies operating in our country
  • Learn about our tech ecosystems and how KAATO can help
  • Register here (